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Monash University

Graduate Certificate in Geographical Information Systems

Course code: 3759 ~ Course abbreviation: GradCertGIS ~ Total credit points required: 24 ~ 1 year part-time ~ Managing faculty: Arts

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Clayton - P/T only)

Course description

This program seeks to provide education and training in recently adopted methods of digital spatial data handling, with special reference to thematic mapping relevant to the environmental and social sciences, planning and facilities management. Students will learn how to test and derive information from a range of data products, including satellite images and data sets from public and commercial spatial data vendors. In addition, units offered include one that introduces students to the use and applications of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) run by NAVSTAR, another about analysis of the digital data behind satellite images, and others that deal with spatial analysis using the vector and the raster data models.

Course objectives

Students completing this course will have: 1. a familiarity with diverse aspects of the academic discipline; 2. a familiarity with the world view of the field of study; 3. a familiarity with the secondary literature in the field of study; 4. a familiarity with many of the key texts and cultural products pertaining to the field of study; 5. advanced reading and communication skills, both written and verbal; 6. developed sound analytical skills; 7. developed the ability to use relevant technology such as databases, information management systems and search engines effectively.

Course structure

Course requirements

Students complete four 6-point units:

  • GYM4600 Global positioning systems (GPS): applications in GIS
  • GYM4610 GIS for social science applications
  • GYM4620 Processing and deployment of image data in GIS
  • GYM4920 GIS for environmental science


Graduates from the program have the opportunity to advance to a Postgraduate Diploma in Geographical Information Systems.

Course coordinator

Dr Xuan Zhu, Associate Professor Jim Peterson