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Monash University

Master in Adult Education (Global)

Course code: 3733 ~ Course abbreviation: MAdultEd(Global) ~ Total credit points required: 72 credit points ~ Managing faculty: Education

Study mode and course location

Off campus - Clayton

Course description

A web-based, coursework-only professional masters degree that will benefit persons working in formal educational settings, business and industry, activist organisations, government, non-governmental organisations, health care, community and other settings where various discourses about globalisation are changing the way lives are lived and learning and work are undertaken. This is a collaborative program involving University of British Columbia (Canada), Linkoping University (Sweden), University of the Western Cape (South Africa) and Monash University, Melbourne (Australia). Students will proceed through the 1.5 year equivalent, 72-credit program as a cohort.

Course objectives

After completing this program students will be able to: critically analyse dominant and alternative theories and discourses of `globalisation'; identify the various ways context shapes adult learning and related policy; intelligently discuss why and the ways in which learners resist or embrace `education'; analyse attempts to foster change through learning and plan effective learning interventions that help adults increase their influence over the direction and pace of local and global change.

Course structure

  • EDF6860 Locating oneself in global learning
  • EDF6861 Adult learning: Perspectives and contexts
  • EDF6864 Work and learning
  • EDF6863 Fostering learning in practice
  • EDF6862 Global/local learning
  • EDF6865 Understanding research

Contact details

Dr Allie Clemans, Telephone: +61 3 9905 9155; email

Course adviser

Dr Allie Clemans