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Graduate Certificate in Forensic Medicine

Course code: 3411 ~ Course abbreviation: GradCertForensMed ~ Total credit points required: 24 ~ 2 semesters part-time ~ Managing faculty: Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Study mode and course location

Off-campus (Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Southbank - P/T only)

Course description

This course, offered by the Department of Forensic Medicine, provides an introduction to aspects of clinical forensic medicine and enables students to develop knowledge and skills in the provision of clinical forensic services to the community in a particular component of forensic practice. It aims to establish academic standards in clinical forensic practice and produce graduates with a sound knowledge of medico-legal principles. The graduate certificate is a useful starting point for practitioners contemplating or commencing forensic medical practice or for those practising in a specific field of forensic medicine.

Course objectives

The broad objectives of the course are: to assist in the establishment of academic standards in clinical forensic medical practice; to produce graduates who have a sound knowledge of medico-legal principles; to develop practitioners' skill in providing clinical forensic services in the community.

On completion of the course it is expected that graduates should be able to demonstrate a range of skills and knowledge specific to the units that they have undertaken. They should be able to: provide competent clinical forensic medical services; clearly communicate medico-legal issues to the justice system; prepare effective and objective medico-legal reports; critically evaluate the ethical and legal issues arising in forensic medical practice.

Course structure

Course requirements

Students are required complete any three units offered by the Department of Forensic Medicine. Note that not all units are offered every year.



The assessment methods include assignments, case studies and presentations, case book and oral presentations.

Contact details

Ms Carol Spence, course administrator: telephone +61 3 9684 4480; email or visit

Course coordinator

Associate Professor David Wells