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Graduate Diploma in Health Informatics

Course code: 3405 ~ Course abbreviation: GradDipHealthInfo ~ Total credit points required: 48 ~ 2 semesters full-time, 4 semesters part-time ~ Managing faculty: Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Study mode and course location

Off-campus (Clayton)

Course description

This course, offered by the Monash Institute of Health Services Research, is designed to meet the educational needs of health professionals who need to upgrade their knowledge and understanding of the rapidly changing issues of information technology in the health arena. The course aims to provide an understanding of information systems and their appropriate use within a health care setting. Students will learn to identify information needed by doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, government planners and other health care professionals and to understand how data and health knowledge is used to make effective health care decisions.

Course objectives

On completion of this course students should: be competent to play a number of roles in healthcare in a technologically advanced and information rich society; have experienced and understood research with a view to enhancing a career in which research and development in health informatics will be a key component; be able to use sophisticated information technology and information management techniques to improve the quality of health care provided; have a detailed understanding of information technology, its development and use in healthcare settings.

Course structure

Course requirements

The course consists of five core units.

  • CPE7605 Electronic health record
  • CPE7606 Project management for health professionals
  • CPE7607 Representation and management of health knowledge 1
  • CPE7608 Health informatics research methods
  • CPE7609 Health informatics research project

Credit for prior studies

Credit will be granted for work previously completed in the university's Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics. All applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Assessment includes essays, assignments and case study work.

Contact details

Administrative officer: telephone +61 3 9902 0043; email or visit

Course coordinator

Ms Jannett Agg