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Monash University

Master in Counselling

Course code: 3236 ~ Course abbreviation: MCounselling ~ Total credit points required: 48 ~ 1 year full-time; 2 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Education

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Clayton)

Off-campus (Clayton)

Off-shore (Singapore, Hong Kong)

Course description

This course has been designed in response to the growing market demand for counselling knowledge and skills from professional people working in a range of education, community and service-related industries. To cater for the needs of these target groups, four units are available relevant to these workplace settings. The Master in Counselling program is an innovative program in counselling specially designed to fulfil the demand for counselling knowledge and skills from professional people with jobs in counselling in the human resources, health, social welfare, and education industries, and who wish to obtain a professional qualification in counselling. This course is accredited by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

Course Objectives

The aims of the Master in Counselling program are to ensure an advanced level of knowledge about major approaches to counselling to provide training in counselling practice and develop skills for immediate application in the workplace: and to introduce the study of ethical and professional issues in undertaking counselling as a profession.

Course structure

The program is based on four 12-point coursework units, giving a total of 48 points. Units offered are:

  • EDF6531 Counselling for the professions*
  • EDF6533 Cognitive-behavioural approaches to crucial issues in living
  • EDF6540 Ethics in counselling
  • EDF6541 Field experience in counselling

    * For students enrolled in off-campus mode, EDF6531 has a compulsory three-day (20-hour) residential session at the Clayton campus.

Contact details

Telephone +61 3 9905 2819, or visit

Course adviser

Dr Nicky Jacobs (Clayton)