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Master of Business Administration/Master of Commercial Law

Course code: 3197 ~ Course abbreviation: MBA/MCL ~ Total credit points required: 120 ~ 2.5 years full-time, 5years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Business and Economics

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Caulfield)

    * Some units may be available on campuses other than Caulfield

    Course description

This double-degree course aims to provide a course of direct relevance to those involved in commerce either as legal advisers or in the private, commercial or government sectors and to enhance relevant skills for students seeking placements in legal, commercial and governmental regulatory and compliance positions especially in Australia and Asia.

Course objectives

The learning goals associated with this course are to: provide managers and aspiring managers with an educational experience that will enable them to become outstanding leaders within organisations; develop knowledge and skills across a broad range of business disciplines to enable students to effectively manage and lead an organisation; develop specific knowledge and skills in commercial law; further enhance communication, inter-personal, problem solving and critical thinking capabilities.

    Course structure

Course requirements

(a) Students must complete 10 core MBA units (60 points):

(b) students must complete eight units (48 points) from the Master of Laws units as follows*:

(i) five units (30 points) must be selected from the specialist commercial law units. The units in the specialisation will be those that are specified from time to time by the Faculty of Law Board on the recommendation of the Postgraduate Studies Committee of the faculty. For further information regarding specialisations visit

(ii) a further three units (18 points) can be selected from any units offered in the Master of Laws program. Students with a degree in a discipline other than law, or a student with a law degree from a non-Australian jurisdiction, will be required to complete the unit LAW7212 Australian legal system (six points) unless an exemption is granted.

(iii) a further two units (12 points) from any units offered in the Master of Laws coursework program.

(c) students must complete a further two units (12 points) subject to the following condition:

  • the units can be selected from the Master of Laws program or from faculties other than the Faculty of Law, subject to the approval of the course convenor (MCL).

Note: Within this framework, students can take up to four units approved for the Master of Law and Taxation, Faculty of Business and Economics, provided the course convenor (MCL) is satisfied that the unit does not substantially duplicate a unit previously completed by the student

    Professional recognition

Details of educational requirements for professional recognition can be found under the Professional Recognition entry in the Faculty of Business and Economics section of the Postgraduate Handbook.

    Contact details

MBA programs: telephone +61 3 9903 1166; email:

Course coordinator

Associate Professor Peter Reed