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Monash University

Master of Global Studies

Course code: 3095 ~ Course abbreviation: MGlobal ~ Total credit points required: 72 ~ 1.5 years full-time, 3 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Arts

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Caulfield)


Course description

The Masters of Global Studies is an inter-disciplinary program which will provide students with advanced knowledge and theoretical perspectives on contemporary global issues, and the ways in which national governments and non-government bodies are engaging with these. It covers a broad range of themes, such as international relations theories and practice, global civil society, international business, and concepts of nationalism and post-colonialism, within a broad framework of examining the current effects of globalisation. The course will encourage high level critical thinking skills through engagement with issues affecting the contemporary human condition, such as social justice, human rights and environmental sustainability in a global and international context. The course will encourage the continuation of life-long learning, and through problem-based and workplace-centred projects, the incorporation of the knowledge and skills gained in the course directly into professional contexts.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will have: 1. a comprehensive understanding of the processes and effects of globalisation, and of contemporary global issues, both from a theoretical perspective and through contextualised `real world' examples; 2. an appreciation and deeper respect for different cultures and the diverse issues facing countries in our region and worldwide, enabling them to live, learn, work and contribute globally; 3. highly developed critical thinking skills, particularly in regard to analysis of contemporary global issues and the responses of national government and non-governmental bodies; 4. the ability to integrate theoretical understandings and analysis of globalisation and global issues into their own professional workplace context; 5. highly developed web-based collaborative learning and research skills; 6. the ability to work and research independently on complex academic and workplace-based projects; 7. high level writing, communication and presentation skills.

Minimum pass grade

Student must maintain a minimum credit average (60 C ). If students do not maintain a minimum credit average they will exit the course with one of the qualifications outlined below under 'Exit points'.

Course structure

Students complete 72 points, including 36 points of core units and at least one 12 point research or workplace project unit - 24 points must be taken at level 5. All units listed are worth 12 points.

Course requirements

At least three of the following:

plus at least one of the following:

plus up to two approved elective 12 point units from across the University. Elective choices will vary according to delivery mode and will initially be more limited for students undertaking the course fully online. Additionally, single pre-approved electives may be available through an arrangement with Kings College London (contact the course coordinator for details).

* Offered online

# Offered on-campus

Exit points

Students who have completed 24 points of the Master of Global Studies may apply to exit with a Graduate Certificate in Global Studies. Students who have completed 48 points of the Master of Global Studies may apply to exit with a Graduate Diploma in Global Studies.

Course coordinator

Dr Marc Brodie