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Monash University

Postgraduate Diploma in Transport and Traffic

Course code: 2863 ~ Course abbreviation: PgradDip(T&T) ~ Total credit points required: 24 ~ 2 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Engineering

Study mode and course location

Off-campus (Clayton - P/T only)

Course description

This postgraduate diploma is designed for engineers/skilled professionals who wish to pursue advanced study in transport and traffic engineering, previously studied as part of their undergraduate training. Students enter this course in one of two ways:

a.) by articulating from the Graduate Certificate in Transport and Traffic

b.) exiting from the Master of Transport or Master of Traffic.

Course objectives

Graduates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the (analytic) techniques relevant to the planning, design, management and operation of transport and traffic facilities; policy context of transport including interactions between transport technology; the land use and urban activity system and institutional/economic dimensions; practice critical appraisal of the literature and evidence when evaluating the appropriateness of particular transport technologies or solutions to transport problems. Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a number of chosen areas of special interest as defined in the objectives and content of individual elective subjects of this course.

Course structure

Course requirements

Students must complete 24 points as follows:

Core units

  • CIV5301 Traffic engineering fundamentals*
  • CIV5302 Road traffic: engineering and management
  • CIV5314 Transport planning and policy*

    * Students awarded credit for the graduate certificate do not undertake these units but must make up the required credit points for the degree by selecting sufficient units from the elective units listed below. Students exiting from the masters must have undertaken all three core units.

Elective units

Depending on previous studies, select one to three units from:

Total: 24 points

Articulation and credit

Students who have satisfactorily completed this postgraduate diploma may articulate to either the Master of Transport or the Master of Traffic.

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