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Monash University

Master of Information Management and Systems (Research)

Course code: 2617 ~ Course abbreviation: MIMS(Research) ~ 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Information Technology

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Caulfield)

Course description

This course, offered by the Caulfield School of Information Technology, aims to prepare students for professional and academic careers in the field of information management and information systems research and practice. It will provide students with the skills needed to conduct research projects in the fields related to information products, processes, services and systems within and between organisations.

Course structure

Course requirements

The course can be studied in either of two ways:

(1) by 100 per cent research

(2) by a combination of coursework and research. The coursework component can be up to 12 points (15 per cent) of fifth-year units from the Caulfield School of Information Technology information management and systems stream. The choice of units must be approved by the head of school.

Each candidate is required to undertake supervised research in an area of information management or information systems resulting in the completion of a major thesis. A principal and an associate supervisor will be appointed and the candidate is required to maintain regular contact with the supervisors. Candidates are required to attend and contribute to the school research-in-progress seminar series.

The overall result for the degree will be determined by combining the graded thesis and the results of any coursework units that have been approved for MIMS(Research) study.

Students have a maximum of two years (full-time basis) to complete this course.

Contact details

Course coordinator

Dr Linda Dawson