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Monash University

Master of Engineering Science in Advanced Process Design

Course code: 2487 ~ Course abbreviation: MEngScAdvProcDes ~ Total credit points required: 72 ~ 3 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Engineering

Study mode and course location

Off-campus (Clayton - P/T only)

Course description

This course seeks to provide the knowledge and skills that will allow industry to adopt more efficient, less resource-consuming, cleaner, process arrangements within an overall context of sustainable development. The program is jointly provided by Monash and the University of Manchester.

Course objectives

The principal aim of the course is facilitate the global technology transfer of specialist knowledge recently developed that has immediate practical and beneficial application in the process industries. It also aims to extend knowledge of the principles and methodologies of chemical engineering process design with emphasis on process integration.

Course structure

Course requirements

The degree comprises coursework units to the value of 48 points and a minor thesis (24 points). The design project work module will require each student to successfully participate in and complete seven design project sessions, each of one to two days duration.

Core unit

  • 24 point minor thesis

Elective units

Select 48 points from:

  • CHE5171 Process modelling (4 points)
  • CHE5172 Heat integration (4 points)
  • CHE5173 Cogeneration and utility systems (4 points)
  • CHE5174 Reactor-separator systems (6 points)
  • CHE5175 Advanced distillation design (6 points)
  • CHE5176 Optimisation (4 points)
  • CHE5177 Environmental design for aqueous emissions (6 points)
  • CHE5178 Environmental design for gaseous emissions (4 points)
  • CHE5179 Control, operations and safety (4 points)
  • CHE5180 Cleaner production (4 points)
  • CHE5181 Design project (8 points)
  • CHE5182 Chemical process safety (4 points)

Total: 72 points

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