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Diploma in Arts (Geography and Environmental Science)

Course code: 2442 ~ Course abbreviation: DipArts(GeogEnvSc) ~ Total credit points required: 48 ~ 3-4 years part-time concurrent with a bachelors degree ~ Managing faculty: Arts

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Clayton - P/T only)

Course description

This course provides students with the opportunity to pursue in-depth study in the area of geography and environmental science while completing a bachelors degree or double degree in other fields. Students gain an understanding of the relationship between people and the natural environment, from the perspectives of both the sciences and social sciences. Students can specialise in the study of the physical characteristics and functioning of the Earth and its environments (physical geography); regional and global patterns of economic, social and political activity (human geography); and human interaction with the natural environment (environmental science and management).

Course objectives

Graduates are expected to: 1. develop the intellectual capabilities inherent in the interpretation of sources of knowledge pertaining to the academic discipline; 2. develop an understanding of the world view of the field of study; 3. develop the capacity for quantitative and qualitative analysis, critique and creative thinking in the discipline; 4. develop an understanding of the present interpretations and potential future developments in the issues underlying the content of and approaches to the field of study; 5. develop the skills of written and oral presentation, argument and analysis, including other practical skills such as computer skills, appropriate to the academic discipline.

Course structure

Course requirements

Students are required to complete a three-year major sequence (48 points) in geography and environmental science. For full information on the units required, refer to the `Areas of study' section on the Arts faculty website at

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