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Monash University

Graduate Certificate in Computing

Course code: 1772 ~ Course abbreviation: GradCertComp ~ Total credit points required: 24 ~ 1 year part-time ~ Managing faculty: Information Technology

Study mode and course location

Off-campus (Gippsland)

Course description

This course is designed to provide a sound knowledge of the fundamentals of computer programming, information technology and information systems.

This course is designed to provide students with a sound knowledge of the fundamentals of commercial computing and the necessary grounding to allow them to expand their knowledge and expertise by way of other formal courses or industrial experience.

Course objectives

The objectives of the course are to educate students with a previous tertiary qualification in another discipline area to the level of a computing paraprofessional, and to provide an opportunity for students with current work experience in a computing area (but who have no computing qualification) to gain a basic formal computing qualification.

On completion of the course, students will have gained basic knowledge in the following areas: system analysis and design; programming; computer technology and database technology.

Students successfully completing this graduate certificate are eligible to apply for entry to the off-campus version of the Graduate Diploma in Computing (course code: 1747) and if successful, will receive credit in that course.

Note: this course is not available to international students.

Course structure

The course consists of four units:

Contact details

Course coordinator

Dr Iqbal Gondal