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Monash University

Bachelor of Behavioural Science

Course code: 1719 ~ Course abbreviation: BBehavSc ~ Total credit points required: 144 ~ 3 years full-time, 6 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Arts

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Gippsland)

Off-campus (Gippsland P/T only; Singapore)

Multimode (Gippsland)

Course description

The course is designed for students who wish to complete a major in psychology in conjunction with studies in a number of other areas such as science, computing, arts, management or marketing.

Course objectives

Through a specialisation in psychology or psychological studies, students develop the ability to interpret sources and the capacity for quantitative and qualitative analysis, critique and creative thinking.

Course structure

Areas of study

Students complete a compulsory major in psychology (accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) or psychological studies (not APAC-accredited).

A second major can be taken in Australian Indigenous studies, communications, history-politics, journalism, philosophy, public relations, sociology or writing. A minor can be taken in, amongst other disciplines, Australian studies, community studies, social and community welfare.

For information on majors and minors offered, students should refer to the `Areas of study' section on the Arts faculty website at

Course requirements

Students must complete the following:

(a) an APS-accredited psychology major (60 points), or a humanistic psychology (psychological studies) major (48 points)

(b) a major in another field of study (if students complete their second major in a non-arts discipline, then they must also complete an arts minor), or two minors in two different fields of study - one of which must be arts (48 points). The non-arts fields of study from which the second major or minor can be chosen are applied biochemistry, applied microbiology, applied statistics (minor only), applied chemistry, human physiology (minor only), mathematics and modelling, resource and environmental management, management, marketing, computing, information systems

(c) another 12 points in arts at first-year level

(d) a minimum of 36 points at third-year level (includes those completed in the major(s))

Of the 144 points, 96 points must be completed within the Faculty of Arts. The remaining 48 points may be taken from disciplines in the Faculty of Arts or disciplines outside the faculty.

Note that no more than 10 units (60 points) are to be completed at a first-year level.

Students have a maximum of eight years to complete this course.

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