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Bachelor of Performing Arts

Course code: 1144 ~ Course abbreviation: BPA ~ Total credit points required: 144 ~ 3 years full-time, 6 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Arts

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Clayton)

Course description

Students will be involved in cooperative productions working in two or more performing art forms, eg in music theatre or dance-drama productions and sound sculpture exhibitions. The Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) has a greater concentration on practical, creative and performing arts courses than is customary in the program for the Bachelor of Arts. Students undertaking the BPA will also complete interdisciplinary studies (involving participation in a multimedia performance project) and in the history, nature and analysis of the arts.

Course objectives

The program of study provides a balance of practical, theoretical, critical and contextual studies, and provides students with the necessary skills to prepare themselves for careers in the performing arts and related areas.

Course structure

Areas of study

Performing arts majors and minors are available in drama and theatre studies, music* and visual culture.** A minor in dance is also available. The primary major in the degree is in drama and theatre studies. Students need to obtain approval in order to study a major in music or visual culture.

For information on majors and minors, refer to the `Areas of study' section on the Arts faculty website at

    * A music performance major can only be undertaken within the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Performing Arts double degree - refer to the entry for this degree later in this section for details.
    ** Within the discipline of visual culture, students may choose units with an emphasis on film and television. However, students may not undertake a major and a minor in the visual culture/film and television combination.

Course requirements

Students must complete the following:

(a) a drama and theatre studies (DTS) major (48 points)

(b) a performance studies (PER) major (48 points)

(c) a minor (preferably in performing arts) (24 points)

(d) a minimum of 36 points at third-year level.

In exceptional circumstances, students may choose to take their minor sequence in a discipline taught by another arts school or another faculty. Students should contact the course coordinator for details and permission.

Note that no more than 10 units (60 points) are to be completed at a first-year level. Students have a maximum of eight years to complete this course.

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