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Graduate Diploma in Tourism

Course code: 0114 ~ Course abbreviation: GradDipTourism ~ Total credit points required: 48 ~ 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Arts

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Caulfield)*

    *Some classes are taught in Melbourne Central Business District

Course description

The Graduate Diploma in Tourism is a broad-based, multidisciplinary program specifically designed to equip students with the skills required by the tourism industry. Areas of speciality in the program include marketing, heritage and culture, environmental studies, language and cross-cultural studies, regional studies and communications.

Course objectives

Students completing this course will have: 1. an understanding of diverse aspects of the academic discipline; 2. an understanding of the world view of the field of study; 3. a familiarity with the secondary literature in the field of study; 4. a familiarity with many of the key texts and cultural products pertaining to the field of study; 5. advanced reading and communication skills, both written and verbal; 6. developed sound analytical skills; 7. developed the ability to use relevant technology such as databases, information management systems and search engines effectively.

Course structure

Course requirements

Students complete 48 points, including three 12-point core units and 12 points of electives, chosen from the list below:

Core units

  • ATM4010 Tourism industry and marketing
  • ATM4120 Sustainable tourism development and planning
  • ATM4141 Cultural tourism and special events


Other units as approved by the course coordinator

International exchanges

Students are encouraged to undertake part of their studies overseas in order to broaden their understanding of the international market. Students pay only their Monash tuition costs and student amenities fees. Additionally, students who are accepted will qualify for a scholarship from the Monash Abroad office to help with their travel expenses. The exchanges are specifically designed for those students who have a particular interest in international marketing but are available to all students. Exchanges are available with the following universities: Uppsala University (Sweden), London Metropolitan University (UK), Estonian Business School (Estonia). Approval must be obtained from the course coordinator and the faculty well before departure.

Exit points

There are no alternative exit points from this course.


Students who complete the graduate diploma with results of at least a credit, may apply to transfer to a relevant masters program.

Course coordinator

Dr Vicki Peel and Jeff Jarvis