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Monash University

Master of Management

Course code: 0105 ~ Course abbreviation: MMgt ~ Total credit points required: 72 ~ 1.5 years full-time, 3 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Business and Economics

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Caulfield)

    Course description

This course reflects the external and internal challenges and demands currently faced by managers. Exponential growth in new technologies, intense global competition, the elimination of industry boundaries and the opening of previously closed global markets have characterised the start of the new millennium. As a consequence, the skills necessary to deal with this complex and varied range of factors are necessarily complex and varied themselves.

The course content focuses on flexibility and agility at an individual and organisational level. It does so firstly by exploring the fundamentals of individual, group and organisational behaviour and performance, organisational dynamics, and the importance of self-awareness, learning and self-management. Through its management discipline, the course then moves into the realms of leadership, change, learning and strategy. Here students develop an understanding of leadership theory and practice, the means by which change is initiated and supported, the methods for creating, disseminating and applying knowledge, and the theory and application of holistic, systemic and non-linear thinking. The final phase of the course focuses specifically on the knowledge and skills required to integrate the demands of maintaining internal stability within the organisation and adaptive capability in the external environment.

Course objectives

The learning goals associated with this course are to: acquire knowledge of leadership theory and practice; develop leadership skills; develop skills in analytical methods and modelling techniques based on complexity theory ; examine organisational adaptation from the perspective of strategy, change and learning; develop theoretical knowledge of individual, group and organisational behaviour and performance; develop skills in self-analysis, learning and self-management.

    Course structure

Course requirements

(a) Students must complete six core units (36 points) as follows:

  • MGX5510 Organisational learning and knowledge management
  • MGX5670 Leadership
  • MGX9600 Managing people and organisations
  • MGX9720 Managing change
  • MGX9761 Strategic management
  • MGX9970 Organisational and business dynamics

(b) students must complete six elective units (36 points) from 9000-level or 5000-level graduate units subject to the following conditions:

  • a maximum of two elective units (12 points) may be taken from other faculties
  • a research option is available with permission of the Program Manager. Students enrolling in the research option will be required to complete the units MGX9290, MGX5901 and MGX5900 as part of their elective component.

Additional degree requirements:

  • students must study a minimum of four 5000-level units
  • students should complete four 9000-level units before commencing 5000-level units.

It is recommended that students consult with the course coordinator to ensure their elective units form a coherent study program.

    Exit points

Students can exit early from this degree under the following conditions:

  • completion of four units - Graduate Certificate in Business
  • completion of eight units - Graduate Diploma in Management.

    Professional Recognition

Details of educational requirements for professional recognition can be found under the Professional Recognition entry in the Faculty of Business and Economics section of the Postgraduate Handbook.

    Contact details

Department of Management: telephone +61 3 9903 2807, fax +61 3 9903 2718; email:

Course coordinator

Ms Nell Kimberley