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Monash University

Master of Education

(by thesis only)

Course code: 0077 ~ Course abbreviation: MEd ~ 2 years full-time; 4 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Education

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Clayton; Gippsland; Peninsula)

External (Clayton; Gippsland; Peninsula)

Course description

The Master of Education (thesis only) is a research degree which requires candidates to carry out an independent study which is reported in a thesis. For more details refer to the `Master of Education (Research) program' introductory section above.

External candidature

Candidature by external mode is now available and can be on a full-time or part-time basis. Prospective candidates applying for this mode must be able to ensure regular interactive communication with their supervisor and be able to undertake the equivalent of 15 days of full-time study within the university each year although this requirement may be relaxed in later years depending on the candidate's progress.

Course structure

Candidates for the Master of Education (thesis only) will submit a thesis of up to 60,000 words and will engage in a research induction program in consultation with their supervisor.

Contact details

Telephone +61 3 9905 2821 or +61 3 9905 9498

Course adviser