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VCP4092 - Drug development

3 points, SCA Band 2, 0.063 EFTSL

Undergraduate Victorian College of Pharmacy

Leader: Dr Susan Charman


Parkville Second semester 2007 (Day)


This subject will provide students with an appreciation of the steps taken to develop a molecule into a pharmaceutical product. Topics include identification of disease targets, target validation, contemporary approaches to drug design and discovery, formulation design and development, pre-clinical pharmacokinetics, candidate selection and lead optimization, manufacturing of drugs, clinical trials, drug regulation and registration in Australia, and an overview of the Australian pharmaceutical industry.


Students will:

  1. Develop an understanding of how drug candidates areidentified or discovered
  2. Develop an understanding of how a drug is developed
  3. Gain an appreciation of clinical testing
  4. Gain insight into the drug regulation and registration
  1. Develop an appreciation of marketing aspects
  2. Develop an overall appreciation of the Pharmaceutical Industry


End of year examination:100%

Contact hours

36 lectures.


All 3rd year Bachelor of Pharmacy units