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VCP1011 - Pharmacy practice IA

6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Victorian College of Pharmacy

Leader: Dr. David Kong


Parkville First semester 2007 (Day)


Professional pharmacy. Historical aspects and the roles of modern day pharmacists. The prescription. Dispensing. Legal aspects of pharmacy. Commonly used medicines. Communications in pharmacy practice. Introduction of dosages and dose forms. The use of English. Report writing.


In this unit, students will develop an understanding of:

  1. Tthe historical background to the pharmacy profession and its links to medicine;
  2. The ethical and professional roles of pharmacists as health care providers, including the relationships among pharmacists, prescribers and patients;
  3. The concept of professions and professionalism.
  4. retrieving and interpreting information about drugs and medicines;
  5. Communicating in writing, and orally to a group of their peers;
  6. Preparing and dispensing simple dose forms of medicines, including recording prescriptions using a variety of recording systems, labelling the medicines and counselling 'patients' on how to best use them.
  7. The health care system in Australia
  8. Delivery of pharmaceutical services as part of the healthcare team;
  9. The legal and professional requirements of a prescription, its recording and processing;
  10. The pharmacy of a number of given drugs and medicines.
  11. The importance of ensuring patient safety


Written examination: 75% (2 hours), Oral Presentation 10%; Practical examination (Open Book)15%