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TRC3801 - Mechatronics and manufacturing

6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Engineering

Leader: A Mazid


Clayton Second semester 2007 (Day)
Malaysia Second semester 2007 (Day)


An introduction to the evolution of mechatronic technologies, design tools and methodologies, concurrent engineering design support tools, mechatronic design process, and requirement interpretation. Supporting material on manufacturing automation. Introduction to production and control systems including material requirement planning, manufacturing resource planning, shop floor control, inventory control. Elements and levels of automation will be considered together with numerical control, CNC programming, CIM and manufacturing excellence: CAD, CAM, CAPP, push/pull systems, pull control systems, JIT, TQM, simulation of manufacturing systems.


Students are to gain an understanding of the evolution of mechatronic technologies, associated design tools, methodologies and the link to concurrent engineering. They become familiar with manufacturing systems taxonomy, manufacturing support systems such as, CAD, CAM, process planning, production planning and control, CIM, modern manufacturing systems such as, pull systems (KANBAN and CONWIP), and Just-In-Time systems.


Laboratory work and assignments: 30%
Examination (3 hours): 70%

Contact hours

3 hours lectures, 2 hours laboratory classes, 1 hour tutorial classes and 6 hours of private study a week