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SCI3739 - Applied sciences project

6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Science

Leader: Dr Alan Howgrave-Graham


Gippsland Full year 2007 (Day)
Gippsland Full year 2007 (Off-campus)


Each student undertakes an individual project bringing together the themes of the overall course. Project topics must relate to the student's major area of study. Appropriate staff supervise individual projects. The subject adviser and project supervisor must approve project topics at the time of enrolment. Project requirements include reviewing relevant literature, seminar presentation and participation, and submission of a detailed final report. Other requirements such as attendance at short seminar programs may be specified. Students are required to maintain regular contact with their supervisors. The subject is taught by seminars, tutorial and supervised individual project work.


On completion of this unit, students will be able to understand some of the issues in managing a scientific laboratory; understand their obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and related legislation; recognise hazards associated with chemical and biological materials, instruments and ionising radiation and the risks they impose; undertake a risk assessment and recommend safe working procedures; understand their legislated obligations in recycling and disposal of hazardous materials; apply the principles of chemistry, biology, microbiology and physical science to the treatment of hazardous materials; understand the effects of waste materials on the environment and be able to recommend procedures for the analysis and treatment of hazardous wastes before disposal to the environment


Three oral reports (10-minute preliminary, 2.5%, 10-minute progress, 10%, 15-minute final, 12.5%): 25%
Written reports (1000-word preliminary, 5%, 8000-word final, 25%): 30%
Supervisor's assessment of project planning, conduct and development: 33%
Supervisor's assessment of final written report: 12%

Contact hours

Approximately 6 hours per week


SCI1020 or STA1010 or MTH1030 or MAT1085 plus SCI2010 and all first and second-level units in the major sequence to which the project relates, with a credit or better average in the second level units of the sequence, and an appropriate project and supervisor by permission.


GAS3062, GAS3619, MAT3199, ASC3639, SCI3740, SCI3741, SCI3742