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RUP3000 - Professional (Third Year) Planning Internship

12 points, SCA Band 1, 0.250 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Arts

Leader: Dr Elizabeth O'Brien


Not offered in 2007


An advanced work placement program: students produce unit assignments while engaging in a supervised placement with a planning agency. The work placement is aimed at consolidating and extending what they have learnt from core units and other Degree units, through experiential learning. The unit develops their understanding of the application of academically obtained knowledge and skills in a workplace environment, and facilitates their acquisition of work-based networks for potential employment opportunities. Students will undertake a structured professional development program negotiated with the agency and will participate in regular progress review sessions with their supervisors.


On completion of the unit students will have:

  1. Acquired further understanding of the purpose and methods of planning, principles of integrated sustainable development, methods of evaluating and managing natural and built environments, the political, legal and institutional contexts of planning, and emerging issues in planning; and demonstrated this understanding;
  2. Developed greater understanding of planning policies and instruments; and demonstrated this understanding;
  3. Developed further skills in problem definition, objectives formulation, the use of primary data, knowledge synthesis and application in planning practice, and the production of planning documents;
  4. Enhanced their communication and interpersonal skills;
  5. Acquired further proficiency in the use of information technology;
  6. Gained further experience in, and demonstrated their understanding of, the adoption of professional ethics (integrating value issues in practice and assessing critically the use of professional knowledge, skills and communication).


Internship Learning Plan (3000) : 20%
Internship Journal (4000) : 30%
Internship Report (6,500) : 50%

Contact hours

1 one-hour seminar per week and 1 one-hour supervisory session each week


RUP1000, RUP1001, RUP2000 and RUP2001