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MTE4573 - Processing and engineering of metals and ceramics

6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Engineering

Leader: P F Thomson


Clayton Second semester 2007 (Day)


The first part of this unit will focus on processing of cast and wrought metals. In particular, foundry technology and design of castings, welding and design of weldments and approaches to obtaining high quality 'clean' steel will be addressed. Selection of an appropriate thermomechanical processing schedule in order to achieve the required microstructure and properties of steels will be discussed. The second part of the unit will introduce ceramic processing technologies including green body shaping, solid state sintering, liquid phase sintering, hot-pressing and sol-gel processing. Microstructures of ceramics and their effects on the materials properties will be presented.


To develop:

  1. a basic knowledge on the form of arc welded joints, the macro- and micro- structure of arc welded joints and metallurgical defects
  2. an understanding of the range of casting processes available and of the mould design requirements for the production of sound castings
  3. ability to analyse the effect on a metal's microstructure of varying the processing parameters under which the metal is produced
  4. an understanding of the mechanisms of different ceramic processing techniques;
  5. an understanding of typical ceramic microstructures and their effects on ceramic properties.


Two written assignments: 20%
Laboratory classes: 20%
Examination (3 hours): 60%

Contact hours

3 hours lectures/tutorials, 7.5 hours of private study per week and 15 hours laboratory classes per semester


MTE3546, MTE3542 or MSC3021


MTE4561, MTE4562, MTE4536