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MPM5211 - An internationalised approach to the psychiatry of intellectual disability

8 points, SCA Band 3, 0.167 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Leader: Dr Jennifer Torr


Not offered in 2007


This unit developed via collaboration between Monash University and King's College London is delivered online via InterLearn. Three major principles underpin the unit: international perspectives and global sources of knowledge; explicit links between principles and practice; and the embedding of teaching and learning in the student's clinical practice, local service system and culture. Students will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills to be able to conduct psychiatric assessments of people with intellectual disability and to develop and implement a management plan within their own cultural and service contexts.


On completion of the unit the student should:

  1. understand the fundamental principles underpinning clinical and other service delivery approaches to intellectual disability, historically and within and across cultures, and associate community attitudes and professional practice;
  2. have a critical understanding of models and classifications of mental illness in intellectual disability;
  3. have a critical understanding of the biological, psychological and social models and risk factors for mental illness in intellectual disability;
  4. be able to conduct a psychiatric assessment and develop a formulation for a person with intellectual disability, according to the contexts within which they present;
  5. understand the range of biological and psychological management strategies, in their cultural, social and organizational contexts, available when dealing with people with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues;
  6. be able to develop and implement context-appropriate management plans for people with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues;
  7. be able to critically appraise the range of services or service models and their impact on the management of people with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues.


Reflective journal; negotiated self-directed learning project (3,000 words) 30%; assessment, formulation and management plane of a patient in students clinical practice (30%); an assessment of student participation, evaluated on the basis of engagement with teacher and peers through InterLearn (10%); an essay providing overview of an aspect of unit content (3,000 words) (30%).


Students completing MPM5211 cannot subsequently enrol in MPM5206