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MOP6031 - Psychological interventions in organisations

6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Leader: TBC


Caulfield Second semester 2007 (Day)
Caulfield Second semester 2007 (Off-campus)


This unit examines the theory and practice of counselling and related mental health and health promoting interventions are applied to organisational settings. The unit moves from general issues in organisational health and mental health to student presentations on particular topics (e.g. bullying interventions) before exploring counselling models and the teaching of practical counselling skills.


On completion of this unit students should be able to:

  1. Prepare a professional presentation and resource document on contemporary issues of importance to organisations (e.g., bullying, redundancy, addiction).
  2. Understand common features of counselling theory and practice which includes an advanced awareness of ethical and organisational issues.
  3. Understand similarities and differences between major psychological intervention models and techniques.
  4. Apply the Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) counselling model and its central techniques to real life problems.
  5. Practice and master transferable counselling skills (e.g., for supervision, interviews, focus groups).


Attend 10 of the 12 classes (Hurdle requirement) as non attendance will not allow students to achieve all the unit objectives. Videotaped counselling interview with 1000 word self-assessment 30% which will allow students to achieve unit objectives 4 and 5. Professional Resource Document 50% which addresses unit objectives 2,3 and 4. Individual Presentation 20% which addresses unit objectives 1, 2 and 3.