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MMS3901 - Commercial experience in multimedia systems B

6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Information Technology

Leader: Derrick Martin


Not offered in 2007


Students will work 12 hours per week for a 15 week period (or the summer equivalent) at a commercial multimedia studio. There under the joint supervision of an industry sponsor and their lecturer, students will undertake a portfolio of commercial projects for business, government, university, or
non-government organisations. All projects will be driven by client requirements and timetables. Work will be supervised and subject to formal peer review by unit participants and formal review by peers and an academic lecturer.


At the completion of this unit students will have a theoretical and conceptual understanding of:

  1. managing pressures of commercial service delivery including managing client expectations and balancing workload
  2. the roles and responsibilities of clients, strategists, designers and developers in a commercial multimedia project
  3. applying commercially-accepted standard design, development, test and component re-use methodologies
  4. applying quality management, resource and business management practices in a professional environment
  5. the roles of commercially-standard methodologies, tools and techniques
  6. the roles of external service providers (e.g. ISPs, CD ROM duplication services, print services, image libraries)
  7. the processes and components of quality and business management systems

At the completion of this unit students will have developed attitudes that provide them with:
  1. professional service approach to the production of multimedia systems
  2. a business-value oriented and customer-driven approach to creative design
  3. an appreciation of social and ethical behaviour

At the completion of this unit students will have developed skills to enable them to:
  1. plan and manage the full range of activities in a multimedia systems project
  2. problem-solve and work to commercial standards
  3. manage sub-contracted services (e.g. CD ROM duplication services, printing services)
  4. develop and deliver to strict, client-driven timelines, a multimedia system that meets the specified requirements and quality standards

At the completion of this unit students will have developed the teamwork skills needed to:
  1. work within a team and discuss issues objectively
  2. develop leadership and management skills


Students will be assessed by SMS in conjunction with the sponsoring organisation. 20% mid-placement evaluation based on production criteria 30% end-placement evaluation based on production criteria 20% staff assessment of student's overall contribution (i.e. to design reviews, attitude, attendance, and quality / business system participation) 20% work placement portfolio, including work diary 10% student oral presentation at end of placement

Contact hours

12 hours work per week at sponsoring business location for the duration of a standard Semester (15 week period). An equivalent total hourly period will be required for the summer semester.


To be eligible for an industry placement, a student must have completed all first year and second year, core units of a School of Multimedia Systems bachelors degree. Application by other students within the Faculty with equivalent standing will also be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students must submit an application, including a folio of their work and undertake an interview with the sponsoring business and SMS staff as part of a formal selection process.


BUS2000, BUS3000, MMS2901