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MID2005 - With women: Rethinking pain (consortium unit NRSG216 Australian Catholic University)

6 points, SCA Band 0, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Leader: Ms Lisa McKenna


Australia (Other) First semester 2007 (Flexible)


The focus of this unit is the concept of pain and the role of the midwife in assisting women experiencing pain. Pain will be explored from the philosophical, physiological, spiritual and psychosocial perspective. Emphasis will be placed upon contemporary research evidence to determine appropriate pain strategies to employ, in partnership with women experiencing pain, in its various expressions, including loss and grief. Midwife students will be assisted to explore preparation for birthing and the impact of the environment upon women's ability to cope with pain, during and after birth. This unit informs the practice unit Practice Allegiances.


On completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. explore the philosophical, physiological, psychological, spiritual, cultural and environmental factors influencing the pain experience;
  2. discuss the theoretical concepts applied to pain assessment relevant to midwifery practice during birthing;
  3. evaluate critically current research which informs midwifery practice;
  4. appreciate the woman's need for privacy, dignity and respect, as well as the right to be informed and to make decisions regarding care;
  5. employ principles of clinical decision-making and evidence based practice when providing women-centred care during the process of birth;
  6. discuss the pharmacological and non pharmacological methods utilised to assist women to cope with pain;
  7. explain the concepts of pharmacology and applications across the lifespan, including pharmacological substances;
  8. discuss the quality use of medicines and describe the pharmacology or relevant drug groups;
  9. discuss the physiological and pathological aspects of drug abuse and treatment;
  10. evaluate critically the impact of pharmacological and non pharmacological methods of pain control upon the wellbeing of women and her unborn child;
  11. discuss the role of the midwife in assisting women to cope with pain associated with childbirth;
  12. demonstrate understanding of the ethico-legal issues surrounding pain and the birth process; and
  13. demonstrate competency based upon the ACMI Competency Standards.


Class tests x 2: (30% each)
Written assignment (1,500 words): 40%


MID1001, MID1002, MID1003, NUR1101, NUR1102, HSC1301, HSC1302