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MIC3802 - Principles of medical microbiology

6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Science

Leader: Dr Stacey Yong


Malaysia Second semester 2007 (Day)


In this unit, aspects of microbiology are presented which are relevant to infectious diseases and to biotechnology. It builds on the content of previous units providing a basis of the study of medical microbiology, especially the nature of microbial infections of different body systems, immunity and mechanisms of host resistance, vaccines and the mode of action of antibiotics and how microbes become resistant to them. Epidemiological aspects of tropical infection diseases will be introduced in this unit.


On completion of this unit students will have an understanding of the aspect of infection studied include pathogenesis, epidemiology, basic immunity and an introduction to antibiotics and vaccines; knowledge of the characteristics of several human infectious diseases causing by parasitic microorganisms and the major impact on human health; the ability to identify bacteria that are responsible for human diseases


Final written theory examination (2 hours) 50%
Final theory of practical examination (2 hours) 25%
Laboratory reports and practical class assessment: 25%

Contact hours

3 hours lecture, 3 hours practical class and 1 hour tutorial per week




ASC3657, ASC2687, MIC2022, BMS2052 and MIC3041