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MEH5010 - Clinical research in emergency health services

6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Leader: A/Prof Frank Archer


Peninsula First semester 2007 (Off-campus)
Peninsula Second semester 2007 (Off-campus)


This unit provides the student with enhanced understanding of the concepts related to clinical research in emergency health though the examination of the principles of good clinical research practice. Relevant clinical studies undertaken in emergency health will be used as exemplars to promote contextual relevance to the topics covered in the unit. This unit will build on previous studies in introduction to research and evidence based practice.


On completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

  1. critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the range of qualitative and quantitative research methods;
  2. explore the application of the principles of collaborative/team focused/multiprofessional good clinical research practice in paramedic practice, through consideration of potential barriers and possible solution to the implementation of good clinical research practice in the emergency health environment;
  3. identify ethical and privacy issues associated with clinical research in emergency health;
  4. critique research articles with respect to the strengths and limitations of design, methodology, use of statistical methods, data sources, relevance of the findings, and appropriateness of conclusions, and suggest modifications that would have improved the study;
  5. source suitable avenues for research funding, collaboration and for the distribution of outcomes of emergency health research;
  6. implement change in clinical practice on the basis of good evidence.


Critical appraisal assignment (45%), Research framework assignment (45%), Discussion participation (10%).


Completion of the Graduate Diploma in Emergency Health (MICA Paramedic) or equivalent.