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LAW7413 - Consumer law practice

3 points, SCA Band 3, 0.063 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Law

Leader: Ms Lesley McKenzie (2772) & Ms Rachel Chrapot (3389 & 3390)


City Term 2 2007 (On-campus)
City Trimester 2 2007 (Online)
City Trimester 3 2007 (On-campus)


This subject will cover the rights and obligations of parties to consumer and credit contracts, with particular reference to statutory regimes and dispute resolution. It will focus on such skills as: legal research and analysis, awareness and use of earning strategies and oral and written communication. The subject will be concerned with awareness of personal values and understanding of professional values


The primary objective is that those who have successfully completed the Diploma course, of which this subject is a part, will have the broad knowledge, skills and ethical awareness to undertake legal practice. Students who have successfully completed this subject will have acquired the following competencies:

  1. practice fields: through learning and developing the skills summarised below, and gaining experience in the application of those skills in the field of this subject, students will have improved their competence to practise in any chosen specific field or fields of law and pratice;
  2. skills: in particular, students will have learned and developed the skills set out in the Course Description for the Diploma relating to - learning strategies, research, analysis and writing; oral communication and inter-personal relationships; negotiation and advocacy; practice management and accounts; and hanmdling ethics and values; (c) personal development: students will have enhanced their broad and critical understanding of knowledge already gained, and their intellectual and social skills, in order to encourage and enable a continuing professional approach to work, community responsibilities and personal development.


(2772) Regular feedback will be provided on written exercises and oral presentation such as preparation of application to the Tribunal and presentation of oral argument. Two written assesssments: 50% each. Assessed according to grades of "Merit", "Pass", or "Fail"

(3389 & 3390) 1. Comprehensive letter of advice: 30%
2. Drafting an application to VCAT: 15%
3. Preparation of an appearance before the Guarantee Fund Claims Committee: 15%
4. Negotiation of a credit problem: 20%
5. Drafting of terms of Settlement: 10%
6. Summaries of three different dispute resolution avenues: 10%

Contact hours

(2772) Intensive - 27 hours per week for 2 weeks


Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (or equivalent) including the specified subjects required for admission to practice in Victoria, as a prerequisite.