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LAW7331 - Lawyers' responsibilities

6 points, SCA Band 3, 0.125 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Law


City Trimester 1 2007 (On-campus)
City Trimester 3 2007 (On-campus)


This unit is designed to give students an understanding of the legal profession in its historical and societal contexts, the significance of being a profession and the organisation, structure and regulation of the legal profession in Victoria. The unit will examine critically the role of lawyers in the Australian legal system.


The objectives will mirror those of LAW5125 Lawyers Ethics and Society namely:

  1. understand the nature of a profession and the privileges and obligations of being a member of a profession;
  2. understand legal practitioners' obligations as trustees of client money and be able to record and reconcile basic trust transactions;
  3. appreciate some current issues and future challenges confronting the legal profession and have reasoned opinions about them;
  4. understand how the legal profession is organised and regulated in Victoria and implications of current reforms;
  5. understand the ethical and professional obligations of lawyers with respect to clients, the courts, other practitioners, third parties and the community generally;
  6. be able to identify ethical issues that arise in the context of legal practice;
  7. understand how to resolve ethical issues in accordance with the principles and rules of professional conduct;
  8. appreciate the role of personal moral values in professional conduct;
  9. understand practitioners' obligations to provide information to clients and in charging legal costs.
  10. appreciate the role of lawyers in the Australian state and society.


Trust Accounting test 20%
Research essay 30%
Examination 50%.

Students who wish to be admitted to legal practice in Victoria via articles of clerkship must
obtain a pass in the trust accounting class test.

Contact hours

24 hours of class contact per 12 week trimester plus 10 hours per week private study and preparation.


LAW7212 Australian Legal System