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LAW7272 - Principles of civil procedure

6 points, SCA Band 3, 0.125 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Law

Leader: Greg Reinhardt


City Trimester 1 2007 (Day)
City Trimester 3 2007 (Day)


This subject gives students a thorough understanding of the principles of civil procedure as exemplified in the rules of the courts and associated caselaw. It includes examination of systems of case management operating in State and Federal courts and an introduction to forms of alternative dispute resolution practised in civil disputes. Students will also be introduced to the philosophy of civil disputes applicable in selected foreign jurisdictions.


On completion of this subject students will have:

  1. acquired a thorough understanding of the rules of civil litigation and of the chronology of a civil dispute from the time the dispute is presented to the lawyer until the matter is ready for trial;
  2. acquired an understanding of the comparative advantages and disadvantages of alternative dispute resolution and disposition by trial so that they are capable of advising a client accordingly;
  3. developed an understanding of the underlying philosophy of the adversary system as applied in civil litigation and of developments such as case management;
  4. be aware of the proper and improper use of procedural tactics and of the ethical obligations of a practitioner involved in civil litigation;
  5. acquired some understanding of alternative systems of dispute resolution as practised in other jurisdictions.


Memorandum of Advice requiring students to advise a client on appropriate steps to be taken in a civil dispute: 30%; Final Examination: 70%

Contact hours

2 hour seminar per week x 12 weeks


LAW7212, LAW7265, and LAW7266