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LAW7072 - International organisations

6 points, SCA Band 3, 0.125 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Law

Leader: Eric Wilson


Not offered in 2007


Many international legal, political and economic issues of the day involve international organisations. This subject aims to give students an overview of international organisations and the role they play in the development of international law. The following subjects will be considered: the sources of international institutional law; the UN including the General Assembly, the Security Council, peacekeeping operations and human rights; global judicial bodies including the International Court of Justice and War Crimes Tribunals; international economic organisations including the GATT/WTO, Regional Organisations particularly APEC and finally the effectiveness of international organisations.


Students who successfully complete the course should have

  1. acquired an understanding of the development and practice of international organisations and their role in developing international law;
  2. an understanding of the roles, structure, functions and practice of international organisations;
  3. a general knowledge of regional organisations particularly in the Asia Pacific region and the unexplored links between regional organisations and global governance;
  4. examined some particular case studies which evaluate the effectiveness of international organisations and the current issues they face, and
  5. enhanced their presentational, legal research and legal writing skills.


Participation in model Security Council exercise: 30%
Final examination (2 hours): 70%

Contact hours

Two 1.5 hour lectures per week