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LAW4229E - Tax policy II: a comparative analysis of government policies on resource allocation & income distrib

6 points, SCA Band 3, 0.125 EFTSL

Faculty of Law


Prato Trimester 2 2007 (Day)


The seminar touches on the most fundamental public policies issues that our society faces: economic growth and wealth distribution. Selected government responses will be analysed from nations chosen to represent varying solutions in the following areas: optimising income tax, income taxations vs consumption taxation, tax and economic growth - accelerated depreciation, international tax policy, and environmental taxation. The unit will both begin with and conclude with an overview of basic tax policy and tax policy and utilitarianism and concepts of progressive taxation.


Upon completing this unit, students should:

  1. Be able to compare and contrast the roles of governments in selected countries in a market economy;
  2. Be able to analyse the efficiency and equity of varying government policies on taxation;
  3. Appreciate the degree of redistribution in the tax and transfer system; whether income or consumption should be taxed; whether corporations or individuals should remit taxes;
  4. Apply the above skills in undertaking three written research and analysis papers.


Three (3) 2500 word research and/or thought essays (including footnotes) 100%. Each student will choose individually the topic of each essay.

Contact hours

36-39 hours instruction, meeting in 3-hours classes over 3.5 weeks. The private study for class will be between 6-9 hours pre assigned material for each 3-hour class.