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LAW4160 - Negotiation and mediation law 406

6 points, SCA Band 3, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Law


Clayton First semester 2007 (Day)
Clayton Summer semester A 2007 (Day)
Clayton Summer semester B 2007 (Day)
Clayton Winter semester 2007 (Day)


The unit examines the theory and practice of negotiation and mediation as dispute resolution processes, with a focus on principled negotiation using the Harvard model and relational mediation and contrasted with adversarial approaches to dispute resolution. It seeks to develop practical skills and role plays and other interactive exercisesand explores ethical issues associated with negotiation and mediation practice.


Upon successful completion of the unit, students should

  1. have an understanding of the theory of negotiation and mediation;
  2. possess a substantial understanding of, and have gained some practical experience in the practice of both processes of dispute resolution;
  3. have an appreciation of the differences between negotiation, mediation and other mainstream dispute resolution processes; and
  4. have an awareness of the most significant ethical issues surrounding the practice of mediation.


Participation: 10%
Face to face negotiation with lecturer: 30%
Class test (2 hours): 60%

Contact hours



LAW1100 or LAW1101 and LAW1102 or LAW1104