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JLG4030 - Japanese 3

6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Arts

Leader: Shoko Hagino


Clayton First semester 2007 (Day)


This unit aims to consolidate and develop students' basic linguistic skills and socio-cultural knowledge in spoken and written Japanese at a pre-intermediate level. The focus is to develop students' interactive competence, including linguistic, socio-linguistic and socio-cultural knowledge. The unit also aims to develop students' intercultural skills.


Upon successful completion of this unit, students should:

  1. have gained and developed fundamental linguistic skills (e.g. basic grammar, vocabulary) at this level which are necessary for any further study of Japanese;
  2. have gained basic social/cultural knowledge about Japan;
  3. have developed listening and speaking skills for daily conversation (e.g. about leisure, travel, study) and exchanging information in Japanese within defined situations;
  4. be able to obtain necessary information from a variety of written and spoken Japanese texts, genres and media including the internet, with some guidance;
  5. be able to recognize and write the kanji introduced at previous levels and approximately 150 newly introduced characters;
  6. be able to write about personal life (e.g. daily life, leisure, travel) using basic kanji;
  7. have developed intercultural skills which include awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences (and similarities) through comparison and reflection on students' own cultures and societies;
  8. have enhanced awareness of language as a system, through comparison of linguistic features of Japanese and English (or other languages); and
  9. have developed skills that will enable them to continue their Japanese acquisition outside the classroom.


Written tests (Equivalent 2250 words) : 50%
Aural/Oral tests (Equivalent 1125 words) : 25%
Quizzes and Assignments (Equivalent 1125 words) : 25%

Contact hours

One x 1 hour lecture/week


Japanese 2 or equivalent


JPL1030, JPL2030, JLG5030