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GRN4165 - Language and Society: Sociolinguistics from a German Language Perspective

6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Arts

Leader: Heinz Kreutz


Clayton First semester 2007 (Day)


The German language as a productive area of investigation from a sociolinguistic perspective. Issues of language and society, politics and education will be discussed. The new role of the German language in a socioculturally and politically much changed Europe will be addressed in detail, with particular relevance to questions of language and national identity, pluricentricity and diglossia, the German language and German unity, migrant German and foreigner German, and the national and international status of the German language. Students will apply their new insights in a practical research project.


Students completing this subject should have achieved a basic understanding of the link between the German language and society at different levels of societal organisation. Assuming a basic proficiency in the German language, students should consolidate and reinforce their understanding of the role the German language plays in modern German society. The areas covered will supplement the language and culture core subjects in German, and students are expected to achieve an understanding of central issues in the acquisition of the German language, such as language and society, politics and education. This will require students to understand the central role of the German language as a mirror of contemporary German speaking societies through the study of a wide range of English and German texts.


Essay (1800-2000 words, in English or German): 40%
Class paper: 10%
Examination (1 hour): 30%
3 practical homework exercises: 20%

Contact hours

3 hours (1 x lecture and 2 x seminar) per week


Advanced German Studies 3, part 2 or above; or equivalent