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GES4420 - Researching Human Environments

6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL

Faculty of Arts


Clayton First semester 2007 (Day)


This unit is directed at providing students with experience in applied research. Students will be introduced to the characteristics of information and instruction in the appropriate presentation of information and data. The nature of Geographical Information Systems is explained and examples of their use in research will be presented. Students will be introduced to the preparation and use of questionnaire surveys, interview and qualitative research methods. Students are required to develop a research project of their own choice. Workshops are also included and designed to assist students in compiling and reporting on their research findings.


By the conclusion of this unit students are expected to have satisfactorily demonstrated the following outcomes:

  1. an ability to choose the most appropriate methods for analysing a particular data set
  2. a capacity to manipulate data
  3. an understanding of sampling techniques; basic ability in questionnaire design, coding and analysis
  4. basic interviewing techniques
  5. an understanding of some of the ethical issues involved in conducting human geographical research
  6. a capacity to produce high quality research reports
  7. an awareness of the limitations of geographical data
  8. an understanding of various methodological approaches 4th year students will be expected to complete assessed work at a qualitatively and theoretically more sophisticated level than in the Third Year version of the unit.


Field Report (2500) : 40%
Project Proposal (1000) : 20%
Participation : 20%
Examination : 20%

Contact hours

2 hour workshop per week


Admission to Honours or Postgraduate status