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FTV3020 - From Film Theory to Video Practice

12 points, SCA Band 1, 0.250 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Arts

Leader: David Hanan


Clayton Second semester 2007 (Day)


This 12 point unit is designed to build on existing theoretical, critical and historical units in Film and TV. It culminates in groups of students producing videos as part of their assessment, and it focuses on students acquiring the skills necessary to do so, including script development. Time is devoted to looking at a range of videos/short films in order to think through a production's rationale and theoretical relevance. Students are expected to attain a competence in most of aspects of video filming using digital video cameras and supplementary sound systems and lights, and to develop a proficiency in editing and sound mixing using new computer-based digital video-editing software.


On successfully completing this unit, the student will:

  1. Have attained a basic competence in operating equipment related to the major stages of video production: video cameras, sound equipment (microphones), and lights; and developed proficiency in using computer based digital video editing and sound mixing systems.
  2. Have a knowledge and practical experience of research processes relevant to particular kinds of production, together with script development methods, story boarding techniques, and pre-production planning.
  3. Have begun to explore ways of expressing her/his own ideas and viewpoints in an effective form using video, both through individual writing and in a context of co-operative group production work.
  4. will be able to relate the production work they are doing to some of the theoretical and critical questions about film and representation discussed in other courses.
  5. Have a knowledge of a wide range of options for this kind of work.


An equipment proficiency test focusing on expertise in cameras and sound: 10%
A video editing and sound mixing exercise: 15%
An individually produced short script and/or story board for a proposed production, with notes on formal stratagems and style, and including separate section which explores film theory relevant to the proposed production (2700 words): 30%
One class presentation, either giving an exposition of a technical feature currently being studied or a detailed investigation of the structure of a short film, as an example of good craftsmanship within this genre (900 words): 10% +
Assessment of the role a student plays in their final group production: 25%
Each student will need to submit a report on the production, and her/his role in it, in addition to participating in it (900 words): 10%

Contact hours

5 hours


VSA/FTV2190 or VSA/FTV3190


VSA/FTV2190 or VSA/FTV3190