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FIT3043 - Web systems 3

6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Information Technology

Leader: Janet Fraser


Berwick Second semester 2007 (Flexible)
Caulfield First semester 2007 (Day)
Caulfield First semester 2007 (Flexible)
Caulfield Second semester 2007 (Flexible)
Clayton First semester 2007 (Flexible)
Clayton Second semester 2007 (Flexible)
Gippsland Second semester 2007 (Flexible)
South Africa Second semester 2007 (Flexible)


Serving static and dynamic web pages. Setting up a development environment (ASP.NET). HTTP protocol reviewed. HTML forms reviewed. Server controls. Event driven programming and postback. Namespaces and core objects. State handling. Using data sources: reading data from and writing data to data stores. Binding data. Manipulating XML as a data store, node navigation. Code behind. .NET Assemblies. XML Web services. Building and deploying services. System Configuration and optimisation. Authentication of users. Mobile Web pages for mobile devices. Styling page output. Writing controls.New device support. Web services. Security and state management.


  1. An understanding of web environments and their components;
  2. An understanding of the principles of object oriented scripting and a knowledge of various uses to which scripting may be put;
  3. The knowledge and skills to design and implement web based applications, using a server side applications development; 4 .The knowledge and skills to design and implement mobile applications;
  4. The knowledge and skills to implement data stores into web based applications;
  5. A professional attitude towards the development of web based information systems.


Unit exercises: 15% Practical Assignments: 35%, Final Examination: 50%

Contact hours

Lecture: 2 hours/week; Tutorial: 2 hours/week.


FIT1002 or BUS1060


IMS2906, (Unit Translation: CPE3016), BUS2011, CPE3016