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ENH4600 - Minor Thesis

24 points, SCA Band 1, 0.500 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Arts

Leader: Nina Philadelphoff-Puren


Clayton First semester 2007 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2007 (Day)


The minor thesis should be on a topic chosen by the students and approved by the English section by the end of the previous year. The student will be assigned a supervisor, and expected to commence work during the long vacation. Students will be expected to meet regularly with their supervisors, and to present a report on progress at one of a series of lunch-time seminars convened for the purpose. The thesis must be submitted in two typed copies, suitably bound, no later than the final day of the second semester (or if written over one semester on the basis of special approval, at the end of that semester).


Thesis (15,000-18,000 words): 100%