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EDF6224 - Advanced practicum in language teaching: LOTE

12 points, SCA Band 0, 0.250 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Education

Leader: Dr M M Gearon


Not offered in 2007


Knowledge and skills required to function as an effective LOTE teacher in a range of educational settings. Planning and implementing a variety of lesson types in a communicative/interactive approach to LOTE teaching and learning. Critical reflection about best practice in LOTE classrooms. Application of theoretical principles underlying SLA in the curriculum framework of P-12 LOTE programs in Victorian schools. A sequenced placement of 22 days teaching with a minimum of 3 days per week and observation.


Upon successful completion of this unit, students should have a basic understanding of the SLA principles which influence current classroom teaching approaches in LOTE; have developed a reflective approach to the teaching-learning of a LOTE in Victorian primary and secondary schools; have developed a critical analysis of classroom practices of second-language teachers of languages other than English; be able to develop, implement and evaluate a sequence of lessons for a range of learners and learning skills in a specific educational setting; and be able to monitor and document their students' progress and development in the LOTE.


Practicum Folio for 44 lessons (3000 words equiv.): 65%
Written responses to tasks (3000 words equiv.): 35%

Contact hours

Classes only in first semester + all year practicum


Successful completion of EDF6223 or its equivalent. A major, post-Year 12 or its recognised equivalent, in a language other than Enlish and a recognised initial teaching qualification.