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EDF5481 - Art education 2B

6 points, SCA Band 0, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate, Postgraduate Faculty of Education

Leader: Dr J Rosewarne- Foster


Clayton Second semester 2007 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2007 (Off-campus)
Gippsland Second semester (Open Learning) 2007 (Open Learning)


This unit extends the study of teaching strategies introduced in EDF5480. Students will be required to design and implement sequential programs of lessons in art history, theory and appreciation. The focus will be the Victorian Arts curriculum at secondary levels and more general trends in art education in Australia and international contexts.


Specifically this unit requires students to reflect on their own art practice in order to bring personal artistic expertise to the task of teaching in schools; undertake a consideration of art materials and techniques suitable for the secondary school curriculum; provide learning activities in a selection of studio areas at secondary levels; design, prepare and teach art activities during the practicum.


School experience file (not graded)
Successful completion of supervised school experience 50%
Curriculum design project: 50%

Contact hours

3 hours per week