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EDF4030 - Introduction to physical sciences and environment

6 points, SCA Band 0, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Education

Leader: TBA


Not offered in 2007


This unit is designed for those without a tertiary background in the physical sciences and is suitable for students from both the Faculty of Education and the Graduate School of Environmental Science. It is concerned with both concepts from the physical sciences which are needed for teaching about many environmental issues, and with the teaching of these issues. The environmental issues on which the unit focuses will be selected from the ozone layer, the Greenhouse effect, urban smog, acid rain, nuclear energy and radiations, renewable energy sources, material resources, organic pollutants.


Upon successful completion of this unit, students should have sufficient confidence to develop scientific knowledge and skills as and when needed; be able to research current scientific literature on major global environmental and health problems; be familiar with the major scientific concepts which pertain to current global environmental problems (eg energy, health, pollution); be able to communicate relevant scientific information to appropriate target groups (eg colleagues and students by dossier, poster or talk); be able to carry out simple, important numerical calculations using the relevant physical science concepts (eg radioactivity and radiation levels, pollution concentrations, energy use); be able to carry out simple practical investigations based on relevant chemical techniques and participate actively in demonstration experiments.


Assignments: 25%
Class participation: 10%
Examination: 30%
Case study investigation: 10%
Research paper (1000 words): 25%

Contact hours

3 hours per week