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EDF2603 - Experiencing aquatic environments

6 points, SCA Band 0, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Education

Leader: Dr J O'Connor


Not offered in 2007


This unit examines aquatic education in a variety of coastal, inland and closed aquatic environments. Australia's climate and diverse environments shape different social, cultural and environmental understandings associated with aquatis. Aquatic education is therefore explored within a socio-ecological framework that provides students with a critical understanding of education, risk management and programming practices. Students will be presented with the opportunity to gain an approved aquatic education certification within the semester period as well as participate in a range of experiences that further refine practice across diverse aquatic teaching contexts.


At the completion of the unit's studies students will be able to document their observations and evaluations with respect to risk management, programming and user groups at an established aquatic venue; demonstrate effective and safe group teaching practices for a variety of participants in a practical setting; assess, evaluate and correct all six swimming strokes; exhibit and describe effective swimming, survival and rescue techniques; identify and describe safe teaching practices in closed and open water environments; explain key elements of successful aquatic centre management practices; describe various activities and games that can be used for different aquatic user groups.


Two assignments - Assignment 1 (1000 words): 25%
Assignment 2 (2000 words): 50%
1 Unit Exam (1 Hour, 1000 word equivalent): 25%
Hurdle: 80% attendance for Swimming Practicals.

Contact hours

3 hours per week