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DGN3105 - Interdisciplinary design studio 5

12 points, SCA Band 1, 0.250 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Art and Design

Leader: Jenny Allen


Caulfield First semester 2007 (Day)


Multi-faceted and multidisciplinary projects. Studies of the contemporary discourse in spaces, objects and images. Their embodiment as habitats, artefacts and communications. Related social theory. Students articulate and test their individual design philosophies in studio discussion.


On successful completion of this unit, students should be able to

  1. articulate a personal aesthetic that responds to contemporary discourse in design;
  2. undertake design projects with a high degree of integration of all project factors;
  3. competently resolve the technical and/or structural requirements of the design;
  4. specify the production scenario for the design;
  5. communicate the design with high quality presentations and specifications;
  6. observe and employ occupational health and safety appropriate to studio practice


Projects: 80%
Oral and written presentations: 20%

Contact hours

8 studio/seminar hours and 16 hours of independent study per week