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CPE5020 - Global software

6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Information Technology


Not offered in 2007


Survey of different languages and cultural differences. Formatting of information: number, name, address, date and currency formats. Character sets: ASCII, ISO 8859, Unicode, ISO 10646 and specialised character sets such as Chinese Big-5. Collation: sorting and searching. Character and word properties: alphabetic, whitespace, etc. Presentation of characters: visual representation of glyphs, direction of representation. Locales. Internationalisation techniques. Localisation techniques. Selection of text.Input methods. Distributed sytems: locale negotiation, HTML documents and web services


  1. Knowledge of cultural and language differences in the display and gathering of information;
  2. Comprehension and application of techniques to design and write software in internationalised format that can be localised;
  3. Knowledge of different presentation algorithms such as sorting of internationalised text;
  4. Application of i18n and l13n methods in building standalone and distributed systems.


Two assignments: 50%. Final Examination: 50%.

Contact hours

4 hours.


Knowledge of object-oriented programming and web page construction.